Homage to Literary Legends

The hotel's famed rooftop cocktail bar—where the Writers Guild of Canada was purportedly born on the back of a napkin—is filled with many high-profile artwork commissions that pique curiosity. Works by Kristiina Lahde, Madison Van Rijn, and Douglas Coupland complement the rich interpretation of historical imagery. This collection marries old and new in a contemporary light that is sure to spark literary conversion in one of Toronto's most historic bars. Writers Room pays homage to the Canadian literati who used to frequent the space. Margaret Atwood even set a scene of her novel "Cat’s Eye” here. Framed collections of antique ink bottles, writing quills, and writer-inspired decor set the tone for the artful journey ahead. Writers Room, the 17th-floor lounge, features oxblood banquettes, dark-stained oak walls, a double-sided fireplace, and black-stone tables. New floor-to-ceiling windows ensure everyone—not just the lucky few who land a seat on the expanded terrace—enjoys sweeping views of the city.

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A Reimagined Cocktail Experience

Writers Room is a reimagined interpretation of the revered rooftop bar's 50 years storied past, paying homage to the history of literary legends who shared moments in the space. Thoughtfully handcrafted libations awaken the palate for a modern cocktail experience that challenges the possibilities of flavour, aroma, and presentation. Writers Room cocktails are novel and composed of classic, approachable, and spirit-forward flavour profiles that pair harmoniously with shareable plates featuring familiar and crave-worthy fare.

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Park Hyatt Toronto is dedicated to artistic inquiry, a rich visitor experience, and civic responsibility. A primary catalyst for the narrative-driven contemporary collection the hotel proudly stewards. Presenting visually compelling and conceptually significant contemporary art, Park Hyatt Toronto remains committed to the art and ideas of renowned and emerging artists that remain the bridge between these two charges.

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