A Dish with One Spoon

Joni is an open-concept, 90-seat restaurant serving globally inspired fare. The dining room is bookended by a sculptural staircase and an exquisite ceramic creation featuring 12,000 beads by Algonquin artist Nadia Myre. The artwork is derived from the idea of the Wampum belt as a record of Indigenous histories and the concept of "A Dish with One Spoon," This ancient expression is used to describe how the land can be shared to the mutual benefit of all its inhabitants and how the sharing/exchange of wampum belts between indigenous communities/with European settlers acted as a record of a diplomatic agreement and a mutual recognition of sharing land, resources and overall cooperating as a larger community. The idea is that the "dish" represents the shared land, and the "spoon" symbolizes the individuals living on and using the resources from the land in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. The artwork employs indigenous themes and aesthetics combined with a non-traditional storytelling modality to impart this knowledge.

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The Heart of Park Hyatt Toronto

Joni is a culinary destination influenced by the spirit of Toronto's vibrant arts and culture scene. With bistronomy at the root of its inspiration, Joni harmonizes casual bistro dining with contemporary cooking techniques focusing on fresh and flavourful ingredients. Situated in the heart of the iconic Park Hyatt Toronto, Joni will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring recognizable yet elevated fare, with reinterpreted classic cocktails and a thoughtfully curated selection of wine to complement the menu. Designed to intrigue and satisfy the palette of the neighbourhood guest to the modern-day epicurean, the menu will emphasize a local gastronomic philosophy, working with local purveyors across Canada to provide an original perspective on international cuisine.

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Park Hyatt Toronto is dedicated to artistic inquiry, a rich visitor experience, and civic responsibility. A primary catalyst for the narrative-driven contemporary collection the hotel proudly stewards. Presenting visually compelling and conceptually significant contemporary art, Park Hyatt Toronto remains committed to the art and ideas of renowned and emerging artists that remain the bridge between these two charges.

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