Amphitheatre, Black Sky, Golden Ribbon, Key Hole, Tree Shadow

In this series of landscape paintings, Moran strives to create “impossible spaces,” where interchangeable figure/ground relationships induce a feeling of instability and where forms simultaneously push in and pull out. In 2017 Kristine Moran embarked on a year-long road trip across the United States in a trailer with her husband and two children, resulting in hundreds of sketches of the ever-changing landscape she observed while traveling. These drawings would become the framework for Moran’s continued formal explorations in colour, gesture, and texture. Moran explores how one might use the push and pull effect of colour and form to reflect broader societal concerns. Informed by the work of Lorser Feitelson, who utilizes discordant colour combinations to enhance the unsettling spatial impact in his “Magical Space Forms” series.

20" x 16"
Oil on linen
About the Artist

Kristine Moran

Kristine Moran received her MFA from Hunter College in New York. She was included in the Phaidon Anthology “Vitamin P2” and has exhibited in solo shows at Nicelle Beauchene (New York) and Daniel Faria Gallery (Toronto).

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