Pastel Pines

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Canadian Shield, the work captures the serenity and vastness of these locations using an ethereal colour palette and dream-like abstract forms. She invites the viewer to take a moment and be transported to a place beyond the bustle of everyday city life. The installation is another collaboration between the artist and Accura Glass - here, the challenge became translating the textural impasto of Madison's hand-painted work into a full-scale digitally printed and laminated series of glass panels. The piece was created by producing a series of planning sketches and study paintings, which were eventually translated into a one-of-a-kind painting at 50% installation scale, which was professionally scanned at 1200dpi and printed at full-scale by a team of expert glass manufacturers.

18ft x 5ft
Acrylic on Watercolour Paper / Translated to Digitally Printed Ceramic on Laminated Glass
About the Artist

Madison Van Rijn

Madison van Rijn is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist specializing in large scale, hand painted treatments. She is well known for her monumental mural works both interior and exterior, as well as illustrations for personal clients and brands - Her clients include The Globe & Mail, ELLE Canada, Holt Renfrew, NIKE, Off-White,, Vitamin Water, MasterCard, and ADIDAS.

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