Floating Lillies

Inspired by the name “Stillwater”, this artwork uses the water lily as a symbol for the experience of being transported to a tranquil, luxurious oasis. Water lilies can only survive in calm waters, away from turbulence and strong currents. It’s in the stillness that they can stay grounded and blossom.

230cm x 170cm
Handmade in Porcelain / Unglazed Lily Pads Glazed Flowers with Gold-Leafed Centres
About the Artist

Alissa Coe

Alissa Coe creates sculptural installations as well as sculptural and functional objects for luxury residential and hospitality projects. She often works in collaboration with art consultants and interior designers to develop site-specific artworks. Alissa works primarily in porcelain and stoneware, with accents in complimentary materials like wood and metal.

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